Madam Chan

Madam Chan could feel the effect of Skyway V-PlusTM after consuming for just 2 weeks. She noticed that the numbness and nerve pain on both hands has greatly reduced. Now, she is able to do her daily routine like washing clothes and housework like normal.


Mr Wong Fook Hong

I had a very painful muscle tear for very long time. I was limping with pain on my left leg. Then I tried with a big table spoon of Skyway V-PlusTM. The pain disappeared about two hours later. AMAZING! Now I can walk around without the torture anymore. Thanks Skyway V-PlusTM.
(-by Mr Wong Fook Hong-)


Madam Sherry

Madam Sherry has been taking her own homemade health tonic to control her high blood pressure. She was so delighted after being introduced to Skyway V-PlusTM. She felt it is more convenient and less hassle to drink V-PlusTM as it contains all the beneficial ingredients all in one bottle. She noticed the effect of V-PlusTM in reducing high blood pressure is much more effective than her own homemade tonic.


Madam Lee

Madam Lee tried Skyway V-PlusTM for the purpose of controlling her high blood pressure and to improve digestion. She was surprised to see the effect of V-PlusTM in reducing her blood pressure immediately on the same day after consuming it. She witnessed the improvement in blood pressure reading after just a few hours.


Tommy Chin

“I started taking Skyway V-PlusTM for my sinusitis about a month ago. To my surprise, it was very effective. Now, I don’t have running nose in the morning anymore. Thanks V-PlusTM!” (- by Tommy Chin -)


Joanne Lee

Madam Joanne works as a Bank Manager. She drinks Skyway V-PlusTM every morning before work. She noticed her blood pressure reading is still good even during stress condition at work. Besides that, she seldom has sore-throat after taking V-PlusTM. She used to rely on antibiotics for sore-throat almost every month before being introduced to V-PlusTM.

yun ru


“I used to have mild constipation. After taking
Skyway V-PlusTM , I eased myself 2 or 3 times a day. I was told it was the process of detoxification. Now I don’t have that problem anymore. Thanks to Skyway V-PlusTM .
(- by Keiko -)


Madam Khaw

My finger’s joints problem has been bothering me for the past over 10 years. Surprisingly the pain faded away just 3 days after I drank Skyway V-PlusTM. This product is highly recommended !
(-by Madam Khaw-)